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...C'mon in and enjoy the resurgence of stamp collecting in modern culture!

This site is created with YOU in mind. If you're a collector and proud of it, looking for good company and lively, intelligent discussion about collectible stamps, eBay stamps, online stamps, stamp albums, stamp values, philatelic software, and the best way to buy stamps or sell stamps, you've found the place!

Stamps enjoy a surge in popularity

The internet is changing the face of stamp collecting forever. Modern collectors have shaken off their fusty image and gather on social networking sites, blogs and websites to discuss their hobby and to buy and sell.

The London Evening Standard reports that young Londoners, artists and famous people are starting collections, and highlights the relevance of the hobby in modern culture.

eGlobals is riding this wave and is offering you an online community of stamp enthusiasts working together to create a friendly, and informative site for collectors online.

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It's all here, plus what you need to know for successful collecting

We will be providing informative articles and discussion about various interesting stamp topics:

  • collecting in the 21st century

  • how to start collecting stamps

  • some history related to stamps

  • what you need to know about stamp albums

  • selling and buying online

  • topical stamps

  • rare stamps, and

  • all things about stamp valuation and stamp prices.

And even if you already are an experienced collector, we hope you'll come in and share your knowledge and experience with your fellow site visitors. So, help and be helped.

This website is an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement of the site, and there is always something new to learn about stamps.

Do you have an eBay account yet? Want to bid? Just click any of the stamp auctions above and sign up from there! My name is Maarten, I will be your host, I am a new stamp enthusiast myself and buy and sell collectible stamps on eBay®. My ID is eGlobals-Stamps

Have fun and enjoy being a stamp collector!

Table of Contents:

eBay shop
You are redirected to the webshop.
DAVO webshop
We at eGlobals Stamp Collecting work with the Davo albums. These are the finest of albums available.
Stamp collecting for beginners – Share with us your passion for stamps
Must read stamp collecting for beginners info! Some of the best passionate stories from stamp enthusiasts are collected here. Jump in, read and share!
History of stamp collecting – What's history telling us about the future?
People who study the history of stamp collecting often are not that optimistic about the future of stamp collecting. What do you think?
Stamp collecting albums – What's your favorite stamp collector album?
Stamp collecting albums are at the heart of your collection. They are your pride and joy. What's your favorite stamp album?
Stamp collecting values – What's your stamp or collection worth?
Stamp collecting values are more important to some collectors than to others. What's your way to determine the value of your stamps?
Stamp collecting prices – How do you get a good stamp appraisal?
Younger stamp enthusiasts know the Internet is a good resource to study and research stamp collecting prices. What's the highest price you ever paid for a stamp?
Selling stamp collection – Sharing tips on selling stamps
Specific rules apply to selling stamp collection items. Do you have lessons learned to share? Please send in your tips, stories, ideas or strategies.
Free stamp collecting software – Which tool is the best?
Have a tip, trick, or tool for free stamp collecting? Let's hear about your favorite free stamp collecting software and other stamp collecting tools in the comments.
Topical stamp collecting: topical stamps tell a story
The place for unusual topical stamp collecting examples. Share them here. And share your best information on how to start stamp collecting on themes and topics.
Rare stamps: Swedish “Treskilling Yellow” and more famous stamps
Maybe you inherited some rare stamps, or a large collection of stamps from your grandmother or grandfather. Such a collection is a treasure of history.
eGlobals Stamp Collecting Blog
The eGlobals Stamp Collecting Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site.
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