Chinese stamps

Chinese stamps are very popular in the worldwide stamp community. It's one of the most sought after stamp categories on eBay.

If you look in a China stamps catalogue to buy stamps or research the internet for Chinese stamps for sale, you'll find rare and valuable stamps which are tied closely to the rich history of China.

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Some of the old stamps are traded for very high prices, because of the incredible amount of detail put into the stamps. The stamps reflect a very high level of craftsmanship and creativity and have been manufactured under high standards.


There's a lot of information to be found on the internet about the history of stamps in this country and rare China stamps. You can also learn a lot from studying a Chinese stamps catalogue.

The first set of real stamps (1878) are the Dalong or Giant Dragon stamps. They bore the picture of a huge dragon against a background of clouds and waves. Today, stamps reflect a wide range of topics from China's politics, history, economy, culture, geography and science. Some of these stamps are especially appealing to certain kind of stamp collectors because of the unique artistic designs.

One of the reasons for the popularity of stamp collecting in China goes back to the modernization of postal services. The modernization resulted in a big increase of postage stamp usage. Stamps that were issued mark important historical dates and figures. Other stamps mark geographical and political highlights.

Some very popular stamps are:

  • Stamps depicting the "Temple of Heaven" in Beijing,
  • Stamps for Tibet Occupation,
  • Daila Lama stamps,
  • Republic of China stamps.

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chinese stamps, china stamps, china album

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